** 100% Australian Made ** 
100% Recyclable 
100% Weather Proof
100% Food Grade 'Alkatuff' material
Located in the Bayside Suburb of Highett, near Westfield Southland Shopping Centre, Duo Plastics has been the long standing pioneers of HVAC junctions. Supplying the entire Heating and Air Conditioning industry, the innovative multi stepped design creates a versatile junction to install. 
Established in 1979, Duo has been manufacturing the best poly junctions for over 35 years.
Guaranteed to last, guaranteed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. 


The unique application of insulation on our junctions is designed to withstand sweating and extreme weather conditions that may affect any set up from operating effectively.

The junctions are not permeable. The insulation does not flake, chip or crack off like all other junctions on the market. We can guarantee that there will be no plastic debris deteriorating into the airways of your heating and cooling system if you use Duo.


Duo is the sole BTO supplier to:


Air Additions - Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Perth

Coldflow Heating & Cooling - Springvale

Air Diffusion - Adelaide & Brisbane

Australian Air Conditioning Distributors (AAD) - Vic & SA





The general public are welcome to purchase our range however please refer to a local handyman should you need these items installed. We do not offer an installation service on any of the equipment we sell. 

We stock :

Single Branch Take Off's

Double Branch Take Off's

Y Branches 

Plastic Insulated Transitions to suit Daikin Ducted Units

Floor Boots with 150mm and 200mm necks

Evaporative Cooling Splitters

Floor Vents,                                                  (Metal & Plastic) 

Ceiling Vents,                                        

Ceiling Diffusers

Down Jets     150mm, 200mm, 250mm

Return Air Grilles Louvered                      (Filtered and Non-Filtered)

Return Air Grilles Egg Crate                     (Filtered and Non-Filtered)

Plastic Paltech Grilles                            

Plastic Westaflex Grilles 

Plastic Exhaust Grilles 

Plastic Ceiling Boxes & Floor Boxes

Siemens Zone Motors 240volt                 (Drive Open Drive Close)

Siemens Zone Motors 24volt                   (Drive Open Drive Close)

Honeywell Zone Motors 240volt              (Drive Open Spring Return) 

Metal Floor Grilles

Filter Material 

Multi Directional Outlets + CLIPS             (MDO's)

Fire Rated Flexible Duct Work (AS 4254 -1995)   R1.0,  R0.6 &

Plain Flexible Duct for Exhaust & Ventilation. 

Paltech Inline Fans, 150mm, 200mm & 250mm

Metal Joiners and Starting Collars

Honeywell Thermostats                              (Manual & Programmable) 

The entire range of BRIVIS & BRAEMAR equipment.







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BERNIE,      Mobile: 0418-315-264   

HOT GAS -    (any brand)


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GAS CARE SERVICES   (any brand)


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All DUO BTO's meet the Building Code Specifications and fire rating to meet building code compliance